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Best Styles for Transitioning

My Blog for more helpful info:
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One of my favorite tools for hydrating the hair and it’s great for transitioners (Q-Redew):

Flexi Rods:

My Styling Videos for Transitioners:

My Hair Journey:
No BC 4 Me:
Braid Out Using Satin Strips:
Updated Braid Out Using Satin Strips:
Nina Pruitt’s Channel:
Braid n’

Faux Tapered Bob on Curly Hair | Natural Hair

How I Achieved My Stretched Curls!
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Hey Guys!

One of my favorite haircuts is the Tapered Bob!

Two Braid Hairstyles – Natural Curly Hair | jasmeannnn

hey everyone! i post a picture of these two braids a while ago and lots of people wanted a tutorial! so here you go! you can do many hairstyles with the two braids. i only did a few but you can do many many more basically any regular hairstyle. this is perfect for curly hair as well since i know a lot of my subscribers are natural hair girls.

Styled by westNDNbeauty| Twist, Roll, & Braid Natural Hair Updo Tutorial

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Style Thin, Fine, Low Density, Natural Hair to Look Fuller

Are you feeling left out of the #NaturalHair movement? Do you want to learn how to style your fine natural hair?

I’ll show you an easy way to get a full twist out, ponytail, and chignon/bun.

ACV? Oil Rinsing? LOC Treatment:
Increase the Strength of your Hair with Aphogee Protein Treatment:
How to Fix a Failed Roller Set:

Shea Radiance Maximum Moisture Shampoo:
Shea Radiance Keratin Deep Conditioning Hair Mask:
Shea Radiance Leave in:
Coconut oil:
Jamaican Black Castor Oil:
Banana Clip:
Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls:

How to fix a failed roller set.